CloudVertical assets acquired by Cloudability What does it mean?

Features Overview

CloudVertical is an analytics platform for Cloud Computing. #

Cloud Vertical helps companies manage their cloud infrastructure efficiently. Just plug in your Amazon Web Services, Heroku or VMware private cloud and immediately (in case of AWS statements) or within a few hours (all data tracked via APIs) receive first insights into your actual cloud cost and usage.

The longer you use CloudVertical, the more data you gather for analytics and reports: eventually being able to perform month-to-month in-depth cloud cost and usage analytics.

Multiple Cloud Connections

Single analytics interface for all your infrastructure!

CloudVertical works with Amazon Web Services and Heroku public clouds as well as VMware based private clouds, giving users unique opportunity to track all their infrastructure cost and usage in one analytics interface.

Cost and Usage Analytics

Track and analyze your cloud cost and usage.

Set of tools for tracking and analyzing cloud infrastructure usage and costs. Keep an eye on your current spend, spot trends throughout weeks and month, or dive deeper into details - we got you covered!

AWS Statements Inspector

Best way to explore Amazon Web Services Statements.

For Amazon Web Services user we provide simple way to visualize and explore all their AWS statements. This is a great way to quickly see dynamic of changes in your AWS usage - both high level and on per-service level.

Cloud Reports

Set up daily, weekly, monthly or custom reporting schedule

Daily Updates, Weekly Summaries, and Monthly Reports as well as Custom Reports on your cloud cost and usage. Delivered straight to your inbox reduce number of surprises and put you in control over dynamic cloud environment.

Tags and Filters

Track your cost and usage by project, client or department.

Tags are one of the key features making CloudVertical uniquely powerful app among all cloud cost tracking solutions. Using tags and filters you can break down your cloud infrastructure cost and usage data down to single project or client.

Alerts & Notifications

Monitor your cloud activity with stream of updates and alerts.

Cloud infrastructure is a very dynamic environment. It can change in a matter of hours. With SMS and Email alerts and notifications you can react in a matter of minutes.

Scenarios and Forecasts

See whats coming and feel free to experiment!

Knowing how your infrastructure is used, CloudVertical is able to present you with different deployment configurations to see how would they perform and how much would they cost, as well as estimate costs.